Wild Magic is one of the practices of Metamorphosymbiosis.


It is the most darkest and difficult practices of Metamorphosymbiosis as stated by Wizgiz. It turns a living creature into the most aggressive being. A beautiful plant can be turned into a carnivorous plant whereas a fairy animal can turn into a ferocious creature. It allows the user to take the appearance and powers of the fairy animal. Wild magic is the first step to gain the ultimate power of the fairy animal which has the first color of the universe as stated in the Tome of Nature. It completely changes the appearance and powers of the users making them evil. The users are then able to shapeshift themselves. The source of wild magic is restored in one of Alfea's secrets, the Hall of Fairy Animals.

Wild Magic can be cured by the Butterflix powers which are the essence of nature.


  • Kalshara
  • Brafilius
  • Poachers (being turned into shape shifting monsters due to wild magic)
  • Elas (becoming ferocious due to wild magic)
  • The Trix (being turned into shape shifting witches due to wild magic)


Season 7

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