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Venomya is a character that appears in the second season of World of Winx.


As Baba Yaga, she has wrinkly skin, a hooked nose, gray hair, and a black witch's hat.


Venomya is a spiteful woman who enjoys causing trouble and writing negative music reviews. She has no qualms with insulting people and actually takes pleasure in it. She is very determined and never falters in her goal to ruin the Winx's reputation.

As Baba Yaga, she reveals a much darker side of her personality. Her cunning kept her secret safe and not even the Winx suspected her of being a witch. She has a thirst for power and a desire to rule the world. She also despises fairies.

World of Winx

Season 2

WOW2 1 (Mystery Woman)

Venomya being spotted within the crowd.

Venomya makes her debut in the episode "Neverland," initially as a "mysterious intruder" trying to sabotage the Winx's concert with Annabelle and Louise. She was successful in cutting out the concert's power for a brief moment until Stella used her magic discretely to bring them back on and, during the confusion, she was confronted by Bloom. Infuriated by how her plans had been foiled, coupled with the loud cheers of the crowd, Venomya swears to Bloom that just because they started their pop rock band as talent scouts does not make them talented musicians, and goes on to claim that the cheers of the crowd mean nothing when compared to a critic's review. She then leaves after promising that the Winx will be seeing her again.

Once she is gone, Bloom, Tecna and Flora lament over Venomya's relentlessness, as she has attended every one of their concerts since they started out and has never missed an opportunity to give them negative reviews, even if whatever issues they faced were due to Venomya's own sabotage.

WOW2-7 (Venomya's Victory)

Venomya victorious in writing a scathing review of the Winx's Parisian concert.

Just as the three fairies described, Venomya spends the rest of the season attending each one of the Winx's concerts during their world tour, remaining ever-vigilant for opportunities to negatively review them. She progressively becomes more of a headache for the Winx after they take on the mission to locate the son of Peter Pan and, later, train him into the Hero of Neverland, as she ramps up her sabotage attempts and even ends up successful in writing a negative review of their concerts in Paris and London in the episodes "A Flower in the Snow" and "Tiger Lily" respectively.

Towards the end of the season, Venomya takes advantage of the chaos unfolding during the Winx's concert in New York's Central Park to out the Winx as fairies to the world by using the magical doubles Stella had created to take their place while they answered the Spirit of the World of Dreams' distress call, defeating Jim and restoring Neverland to its former glory in the process.

With the world now unsure what to think of the existence of fairies (mainly due to Venomya describing them to be almost malevolent forces), Venomya confronts Bloom telepathically. In doing so, she discards her youthful appearance and declares her true self to be Baba Yaga: The Dark Dame. She then declares war on the Winx as she believes Earth to be the rightful home of witches and insists that there is no room for both her kind and fairies. She then disappears, leaving Bloom at a completely loss for words as she and the Winx must figure out what to do now that their magical identities are known to all.

Magical Abilities

Venomya's true power as Baba Yaga hasn't been seen yet but she has displayed the power to cause trouble and complications like torn ruined instruments and faulty equipment. She has displayed more serious powers like the ability to cause fires and summon earthquakes. With a snap of her fingers, she could summon a purple mist that shielded her magic from humans. She can also change her appearance, shifting from an old hag into a young woman. Baba Yaga was also able to keep herself from being discovered by the Winx.


  • Venomya's name and personality is derived from the word "venom", a poison carried by an animal, usually injected into an enemy or prey by biting or stinging.
    • In speech, venom can mean something marked by spite or malice.
    • Venomya's personality is spiteful, and she herself has mentioned writing "poisonous", or disfiguringly negative, reviews.
  • Baba Yaga is a ferocious old witch from Slavic folklore. She rides around on a mortar, wields a pestle, and lives in a hut deep within a forest that stands on chicken legs. In the tale of "The Maiden Tsar," Baba Yaga has two sisters who share her name.