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Vanessa is Bloom's adopted mother and the wife of Mike. She loves Bloom deeply and supports her with whatever she tries to pursue. She works as a florist in Gardenia.


Vanessa is a slightly tan-skinned woman with short brown hair framing her face and hazel-brown eyes. She wears light makeup, usually consisting of pale yellow-gold eye shadow and peach lipstick. She is assumed to be between the ages of thirty and forty.

Vanessa wears blue overalls with a white shirt underneath. She wears a yellow apron decorated with green apples around her waist and a light blue necklace. Her shoes are brown wedges with two white sandal straps.

She wears pink short-sleeved button shirt and long pants.

On Christmas, she wears a green and white turtle neck sweater underneath a red vest, green pants and brown boots.

Her beach wear consists of a hat with a pink strap around it, a red shirt with pink flowers, blue shorts and sandals.


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