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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Your birthdays

    September 18, 2017 by Aphrodite Sweetheart

    So, I'm tweaking the main page with some weird ideas I have, and one of them is the birthday box. If you're not afraid of having your information (birthday) revealed, then please comment yours on the comment section below. Just birth month and birth date are enough. Thank you very much for your participation. -- 04:57, September 18, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Hi guys. The not-so-interesting blog update of mine is here again haha. I'll be direct to the following updates/announcements to save our time.

    • Introducing scrollbar. I'm not sure if you all notice this or not but the scrollbar is added to infobox (like Bloom, Stella and some articles) -- fully stylized to match with all current themes. The purpose is to decrease the height of that row. Y'all know there are rows in infobox with content larger than 4 lines, right? Scrollbar serves that. I'm doing all the modify right now so there's no further guide yet. I'll be sure to update, but make sure that you don't try to add any scrollbar in any infobox (I'm doing that, okay?).
    • Introducing discussion feature. This feature is widely added in wiki network…
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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Fairy sign

    September 10, 2016 by Aphrodite Sweetheart

    I have always been a girl who is so much enchanted by mysteries and mysterious things. One of them are astrological sign -- or "the Zodiac". In my country, people actually believe that the year you were born can decide your fate -- yes, it is the "Chinese Zodiac". And one day, I just bumped into something belongs to Winx universe, and as you know, it is "fairy sign".

    Unlike Zodiac or Chinese Zodiac, which you could actually search on Internet and find out their meaning, I doubt if you have found anything about fairy sign. The furthest you have found -- my humble guess -- is your own fairy sign, and you found it via your birthday, from the official website. But have you ever wondered what do they mean? Well, in my shoes, I have.

    I, by chance,…

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Okay. You may want to ask "Why do we need to emigrate the infobox(es)? I like the current one(s)/They look fine to me." and "Why haven't you done anything recently?".

    First. I do have done things recently, but just minor edits and deleting stuffs. I do have a horrifying summer semester and I do have to work hard, therefore, I do not have much time in here. Besides, people are working hard and things are great so I do not think I need to do anything recently with stacked and tight schedule.

    Second, this is the reason why we need to emigrate the infoboxes from their current form to portable form. We do not do that because the big wikis all do it. We do it because it is convenient to mobile users, and it will lower the traffic. Because so, (I h…

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  • Aphrodite Sweetheart

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone here knows Italian or Russian (or you know someone knows Italian or Russian)? I (by chance and luck) find out the scans of the book/novel Winx Club: Sirene. They would help us finishing the missing information in some articles. But both the scans I have are in Italian and Russian, either the languages I do not know (I know a little of Italian - vocabulary - but never learn about the grammar so it is not enough to translate). If you (or the one you know) can help translating these, feel free to leave a message on my talk page and we will talk about the details :D. Thank you very much for your time. -- 12:12, June 24, 2016 (UTC)

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