Tynix Bracelets
The Tynix Bracelets are magical items that contain the Tynix power, allowing the wearers to enter the MiniWorlds. They were introduced in Season 7.


When the Winx's Fairy Animals found the magic harmony among them, they bestowed the Tynix Bracelets upon the Winx. With the Tynix power contained inside the bracelets, the Winx can travel into the MiniWorlds in their search for the Fairy Animals' Ultimate Power, while helping to maintain the ecosystems of the MiniWorlds they visit.


It is a wrist wear made of pearls and is embedded in a larger oval jewel in the center. The pearls and jewels are in the respective color shades of the wearer.


Season 7

In "Tynix Transformation", the Winx receive the Tynix Bracelets from their bonded Fairy Animals and they transformed into Tynix fairies. Once they are in an unknown MiniWorld dimension, their Fairy Animals tells them that there are dimensions known as the MiniWorlds and the Tynix Bracelets are the keys to enter them.

In "The Magic Stones", the Winx needed to go save the dragons in Pyros because Kalshara and Brafilius thought that the dragons in the volcano had the Ultimate Power. Kalshara's plan was to block the heart of the volcano with the dragon she created which was called the Vampire of Fire. The Winx used their Tynix powers to go into the heart of the volcano. Once they got in, they met little tiny creatures called the Clankies. They helped the Winx fix the heart of the volcano, their Tynix Bracelets help them communicate with the Clankies. Once they finish the mission, they hanged outside of the volcano.

In "Back To Paradise Bay", the Winx used their Tynix Bracelets to get to the Leaf MiniWorld to help the Leafies and fix Paradise Bay.

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Flora Tynix 2
  • The Tynix Bracelets are just like the Ancestral Wands: they both take you to another dimension and have their own transformation.
  • Ironically, Flora's necklace in her Dreamix form resembles her Tynix Bracelet.


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