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Tynix is the temporary and second transformation of Season 7. It is also the parallel transformation with Butterflix.
  • Previous Transformation: Butterflix
  • Next Transformation: TBA


The outfits are mostly resembles ice skating outfits combined with winter outfits and gemstone features. The fairies wear a pastel suit with a dress in their signature color outside, attached and decorated with gem shards. They wear matching shoes and magic bracelets. The hair often turns into a lighter color with highlight streaks, and stays in ponytail with or without buns, and is decorated with gemstone-based hair accessories. Their wings are in medium size, and have gemstone pattern, and are attached gemstones in the edges.


The fairies need the magic bracelets that contain the Tynix power inside which are given by their bonded Fairy Animals.

Magical Abilities

The Tynix power grants the users the ability to enter the MiniWorlds, as well as teleport themselves from the MiniWorlds to the normal world. Via the Tynix Bracelets, the users can also communicate with the Fairy Animals. The Tynix power also creates an unbreakable bond between the fairies and their respective fairy animals, so that they can join each other in the MiniWorlds, even though they are distant.

Every fairy has a different type of this power:

Known Tynix Fairies



Tynix Prototype Version

Tynix concept art.

  • The name Tynix might be derived from the word "tiny".
  • In the early concept art, Musa has pigtails but later was changed into a ponytail.
  • Tynix is the second transformation to be first earned in the fourteen episode of a season. First was Mythix.
  • The Winx receive magical bracelets from their bonded Fairy Animals with which they can transform into Tynix fairies.
  • Unlike Sirenix and Mythix, Tynix is only seen in 2D animation.
  • Tynix is the second transformation the fairies have highlights on their hair. The first being Sirenix.
    • This is the third transformation for Tecna, with Sirenix being the first and Bloomix being the second.
  • This is the first transformation to have some fashion posing scenes during the transformation.
  • This is the second transformation in which the Winx shrink. The first was Mythix.
  • Each Winx has spells related to their home realm and bonded fairy animal.
  • Whenever the Winx use their powers, the special effects (gemstones) are seen.

Transformation Sequences

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