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Tinkerbell is the main villain of the first season and briefly in the second season of World of Winx.


Tinkerbell has blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears a long white dress and has butterfly-like wings outlined in gold.

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Fairy Queen Tinkerbell ruled over the realm of Neverland peacefully. At some point, a young man named Peter Pan arrived in Neverland and quickly became well liked and admired by every one of the denizens—everyone except Captain Hook and his band of pirates, who all saw Peter Pan as nothing more than an arrogant showboat only interested in himself. Queen Tinkerbell in particular admired Peter Pan so much to the point of falling in love with him, believing that the two would be together forever, but her feelings were never returned. To make matters worse, Peter Pan suddenly left Neverland never to return after being convinced to grow up by his last remaining friend, Wendy Darling.

Peter's leave, coupled with how he never returned her feelings, caused the fairy queen to become bitter with him and the world around her to a point where her pure magic became corrupted, turning into dark magic. She then laid waste to Neverland, turning it into a dark and desolate island, and left her subjects to live in constant fear of her and her shadows.

At some point, Tinkerbell gave Jim his youth through her magic, only to later banish him from Neverland for conspiring against her. At some point, she also lost her voice, and resorted to abducting talented young adults to further strengthen herself, believing that she could "get back the dream she had lost" from stealing their talents and dreams.

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Magical Abilities

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  • "Tinker Bell" is the fairy character who belongs to the story of Peter Pan written by James Matthew Barrie.
  • She bears a strong resemblance to "Maleficent", the main antagonist of the film, Sleeping Beauty.
  • Her voice actress, Brittany Pressley, also voices Annabelle. Interestingly, after Annabelle's voice was returned to her, Tinkerbell could no longer speak, but she is speaking again without any assistance in the second season.
    • Coincidentally, this also applies for the Italian dub as well.