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Tiger Lily is a character introduced in the second season of World of Winx.


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Since she is the fiercest warrior in Neverland, she is very brave, confident, and has great wisdom.

World of Winx

Season 2

In "Tiger Lily," she meditates while communicating with the Spirit of the World of Dreams seeing that Matt is under training and that he will fulfill the prophecy as the one that will save the World of Dreams.

Then, as the Winx approach her camp she comes dashing out and throws a spear toward a Shadow Creature, and thanks to the efforts of the Winx the creatures were defeated. After that the girls try explain the situation but she already knows and said she cannot train Matt and that he will only become a true warrior if only he can find the Barrie Sword.


  • In J.M. Barrie's original tale, Tiger Lilly is the princess of the Piccaninny tribe living on the island of Neverland. She is apparently old enough to be married, but she refuses any suitors because she desires Peter Pan over all. She is jealous of Wendy and Tinkerbell. Tiger Lily is nearly killed by Captain Hook when she is seen boarding the Jolly Roger with a knife in her mouth, but Peter saves her. In the earlier versions of Peter Pan, it is assumed that she disapproves of Wendy and even Tinkerbell at one point because of her envy.