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Prince Thoren is Sky's cousin and Daphne's husband. He is also a Paladin.


Thoren wears a red uniform which has a yellow, oval shaped gem in the middle.

His outfit is completely green, with golden epaulets and buttons, a royal purple sash and olive colored boots.

He wears a black colored tuxedo with a light blue tie (or cravat), a greyish coloured double-breasted waistcoat undernearth the tuxedo, and also a white shirt.


Thoren seems to be jealous of Sky even though they are cousins. But he does have a sense of duty and justice as he reminded Sky that he is also here and ready to fight the Treants. Although he holds a grudge against Sky, he is gentle, helpful, and friendly shown when Daphne was trying to find the Treants' weakness and he assures her that she will be able to find it and even found a book for her to take a look at. He is also very calm and kind, and is very moral, as show when he was angry with Diaspro for trying to trick him into putting Bloom into the Vortex of Flames.


When Sky and Thoren were young children, they were ambushed, Thoren scared, frightened, panicked and left, leaving Sky who barely made it. However, he and Sky reconciled when Thoren apologized for his actions and now the two are close again.