The Kingdom of Thordal is a location exclusive to the comic series. The kingdom is home to its monarchs, King Thorgal and Queen Electra, Lady Lorelle and Sir Helfred; it is the setting for issues forty-eight and forty-nine. The kingdom was experiencing violence and poverty, and requested the help of the Winx and Specialists in order to improve their situation in which they succeed in.


Its society is governed by monarchy and have established the Knights of the Stars to guard and protect its people. Before the establishment the kingdom was experiencing corruption though many of the kingdom's citizens respect and are loyal to their king and queen.

The kingdom is still in its primitive stages and do not have technology.


Before the involvement of the Winx and Specialists, the kingdom had recently been experiencing violence and poverty. The so-called knights would often abuse their power to harass and humiliate the citizens. Many felt endangered and would grow to fear the "knights" and did not wish to speak out against them or the nobles.

Seeing the situation worsening, the Queen's lady-in-waiting, Lady Lorelle, decides to write a letter containing the problems of the kingdom to her old friend, Flora. Wanting to check up on her, Flora and her friends are given permission to visit the kingdom. They then address the issues alongside the king and the kingdom's situation eventually changes for the better.


Season 3


  • The King's name is very similar to the kingdom's name, there is a one letter difference.