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Prince Sponsus is the husband of Amentia.


Sponsus has a pale-yellow skin tone with short red hair. He has blue eyes and wears a nude colored outfit with a thick blue band at the top.


He is known to have a friendly, and helpful personality as shown in Princess Amentia, when he tried to help Stella recover from her lack of sunlight. He is also quite shy, and is in love with Princess Amentia. He also is very loyal to her, and is the only person who believes that each person is linked to a crystal.


Season 2

Winx club 204 sponsus and amentia

He tried to help Stella recover from her lack of sunlight but he was devastated when Amentia fell in love with Brandon. Amore gave him a soulmate blossom to put in Amentia's bouquet that made Amentia fall in love with Sponsus as soon as she smelled its scent so she married him.

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