An arena packed with beauty queens... I'm scared to go in there.
Breath of Nature
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Spencer is a Specialist who attends Red Fountain.



In "The Fall of Magix," he fights against the Army of Darkness.

In "Mission to Domino," he fights against the Army of Darkness.

In "The Witches' Seige," he is seen in Alfea's courtyard.

In "The Ultimate Challenge," he walks with Priscilla.

In "The Witches' Downfall", he is looking at the approaching army. He is then seen fighting against the Army of Darkness.

In "Party Crasher," he is seen walking around Red Fountain.

In "The Crypt of the Codex," he and his classmates perform reconnaissance mounted atop dragons. He and Riven are then seen chasing the Trix in the hopes of fighting them, but they knock him and Riven down.

In “The Phoenix Revealed,” he is seen during the party.

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