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Speedix is one of the three special types of wings that come with Believix. These wings give a speed boost and is mostly used to quickly follow something or to get somewhere fast.

The other two special wing types are Zoomix and Tracix.


These wings are larger than any other wings - that is, except for the Enchantix wings. The colors match the Winx's Believix outfit. The wings' patterns may not differ from each other, but the colors vary.

Times When Used


  • The name Speedix comes from the word "speed".
  • Musa, Tecna and Aisha are the only Winx members who does not have any Speedix transformation sequences.
  • The description of Speedix Accesory Pack talks about the wings being used more defensively, such as avoiding magic rays and oncoming attacks, while they were mostly used for following a target in the series.


Transformation Sequences