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Sophix is a sub-transformation of Believix. It is the power to magically unite with nature and is the first gift of the Gifts of Destiny. It stands for wisdom. It is a source of emotional and instinctive energy which merges with the Believix powers to reach the absolute harmony with nature.

Roxy is not included in this transformation because she has an incomplete Believix.


The outfits consist of a skirt or flowy capris. All of them have a pastel jungle theme to them. The shoes are strappy sandals and the wings are basically the same as the Believix, but not as intricately detailed, being more leaf-like and petal-like.

Magical Abilities

When Diana, the Major Fairy of Nature, decides to take part in the Great Revenge of the Earth Fairies, the Ethereal Fairies give them the Gifts of Destiny because Believix powers are useless against Major Fairies. The Winx used the Sophix powers to bring Diana's forest back to life after the humans harmed it, and to restore the Source of the Forest's magic.


Known Sophix Fairies



  • The name Sophix comes from the word "sophia" (Σοφία), which is the Greek feminine word for wisdom. The Sophix is the Gift of Wisdom.
  • Sophix is the first nature-themed transformation. The second being Butterflix.
    • While Sophix has floral appearance, Butterflix has faunal appearance.

Transformation Sequences

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