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Serena is the Keeper of Domino's Ocean Gate and Bloom's bonded selkie.


Serena has a pale pink-blue skin, blue eyes with cyan eye shadows, rose lips and blue body-tail with flame patterns on it. She wears a blue spiral shell-shaped hat decorated by two dragon horns-like corals. A transparent orange veil attached to the hat. She has a orange flame-shaped symbol on her forehead.


Serena is a nice, sweet and talkative Selkie. She is also very brave and strong willed. According to Bloom, she talks very fast and is the cutest thing ever.


Season 5


Serena in 3D

Serena first appears in Test of Courage, when her magical powers are stolen by Tritannus. She later bonds with Bloom, when the Winx Club (minus Musa and Tecna) go to find the Gem of Courage.

Serena and Bloom bonding

She also appears in the next episode, when the Winx go to fully obtain Sirenix and cross the Sirenix Gate. She is seen with the other Selkies, Winx, and the Guardians of Sirenix converging their magic to help the Winx gain Sirenix.

Serena appears again in The Battle for the Infinite Ocean along with the all the other selkies that were summoned by the portal from the Breath of the Ocean.


The Mystery of the Abyss

Omnia in the movie

Serena and the other Selkies in the movie

Serena makes an appearance of where Omnia was and trying to get away but Tritannus got there in time before she could escape. Herself and the other Selkies were trapped in a stormy barrier, preventing them to not leave it and were cover by something not letting them to speak. Then she tell Omnia that someone is coming which were the Winx. Then herself and the Selkies followed to the Winx where the hidden pearl was and stays outside to warn Omnia if Tritannus escaped with the pearl. Later on the movie, she threw the pearl to one of the Selkies. She was last saw when they danced around in a line then Omnia.


  • The name "Serena" has Latin origin, "Serena" means "serene", "calm".
  • Serena seems to come from word Serenade. Since she is a creature of ocean, her name could be slightly similar to word "siren" which means mermaid.
  • Serena bonded with her fairy faster than any other Selkie.
  • Serena is the last Selkie to lose their powers, and be the last Selkie to bond with a fairy.
  • Laura Bailey, who voices Serena also voices Tressa in the Nickelodeon dub.

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