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In 2014, it was announced the Nickelodeon and Rainbow had ended their partnership after the sixth season. It is co-produced by Rai Fiction. DuArt Film and Video had acquired the rights to produce a new English dub, taking over from Nickelodeon, but keeping some their aspects.  Season 7 premiered on January 10, 2016 on Nick Jr. in the USA and September 21, 2015 in Italy. It concluded on April 10, 2016 in the USA and October 3, 2015 in Italy. 


Each fairy animal has a special talent, necessary for the balance of the Magic Universe. The Winx will discover this, while facing two new dreadful villains and getting new amazing transformations along their journey!

Winx Club series 7 carries on the theme of recent Winx releases by carrying a strong environmental message. In this adventure the fairies discover the real importance of the rare Fairy Animals, which they must save from Kalshara, an evil shape-shifter and her clumsy brother, Brafilius. The theme of endangered animals recurs throughout the series as the Winx establish an Animal Rescue Park on Earth, where they look after vulnerable animals such as pandas and tigers. The girls also undertake missions in the Magic Dimension and Earth to raise public awareness about the animal cause. This builds to their final mission – to discover the ultimate power of the Fairy Animals, which can give control over all the animals of the Magic Universe.


  1. The Alfea Natural Park
  2. Young Fairies Grow Up
  3. Butterflix
  4. The First Color of the Universe
  5. A Friend from the Past
  6. Adventure on Lynphea
  7. Beware of the Wolf
  8. Back in the Middle Ages
  9. The Fairy Cat
  10. Winx Trapped!
  11. Mission in the Jungle
  12. A Fairy Animal for Tecna
  13. The Unicorn's Secret
  14. Tynix Transformation
  15. The Magic Stones
  16. Back to Paradise Bay
  17. Lost in a Droplet
  18. Banana Day
  19. The Magix Rainbow
  20. Baby Winx
  21. It's a Crazy, Crazy World
  22. The Kingdom of Diamonds
  23. The Secret of Alfea
  24. The Golden Butterfly
  25. New Magic Harmony
  26. The Power of the Fairy Animals

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  • This is the first season in which the title card is narrated.
  • This is the first and only season dubbed by DuArt Film and Video, future seasons were dubbed by 3Beep.
  • This season is based on animals.
  • In this season:
    • The Winx once again have new civilian outfits.
    • Flora's father, Rhodos, finally makes his debut.
    • Each Winx has spells related to their homeworld and bonded Fairy Animal.
    • Roxy gains a minor role.
  • This season displays the most Fairy Forms:
  • This is the fourth season to use flash animation, with the third being Season 6, the second being Season 5, and the first being Season 4.
    • This is the first season to be fully in flash animation (excluding CGI for some settings).
  • This is the fourth season in which the Winx earn multiple Fairy Forms, with the first being Season 4, the second being Season 5, and the third being Season 6.
    • This is the third of these seasons in which the Winx earn two Fairy Forms, with the first being Season 5 and the second being Season 6.


Winx Club - Season 7 - Official Trailer

Winx Club - Season 7 - Official Trailer