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The fourth season of Winx Club premiered in Italy on April 15, 2009. The Nickelodeon dub, advertised as Winx Club: The Power of Believix, premiered in the UK on April 8, 2012.

This is the last season dubbed by Cinélume, as two next seasons were dubbed exclusively by Nickelodeon. In the Cinélume dub, Angela Galluppo replaces Helena Evangeliou as the voice of Bloom.


The Winx Club is back! Now they will have to reach the Believix level, a new transformation that grant the ability to make someone believe in magic. In addition, Believix also gives 3 additional wings to make the form more powerful: Speedix (speed enhancement), Zoomix (teletransportation), and Tracix (travel through time). They will also meet the Wizards of the Black Circle, a group of villains who are after the last fairy on Earth, in order to gain full power. Winx Club will have to find her protect her from the the Wizards, but they have to go unnoticed. In order to live on Earth, they will open a pet shop named Love & Pet and meet Roxy, a girl who works at the Frutti Music Bar. Soon they will find out that Roxy is the last fairy on Earth! In the process, Roxy is able to discover her powers, and believing in herself and in Winx Club, will turn into a fairy and will help Winx Club drive away the Wizards and rescue the imprisoned fairies. However, they now have to face the fairies of Earth and their Queen Morgana, who are seeking revenge on humans for not having believed in them: this has made them weaker and they have been imprisoned by the Wizards. Winx Club are forced into an uneasy alliance with the Wizards as they now race to save humanity. Will the Winx Club prevail?


  1. The Fairy Hunters
  2. The Tree of Life
  3. The Last Fairy on Earth
  4. Love & Pet
  5. Mitzi's Present
  6. A Fairy in Danger
  7. Winx Believix
  8. The White Circle
  9. Nebula
  10. Musa's Song
  11. Winx Club Forever!
  12. Dad! I'm a Fairy!
  13. The Wizards' Attack
  14. 7: The Perfect Number
  15. Magic Lessons
  16. A Virtual World
  17. The Enchanted Island
  18. The Nature Rage
  19. In Diana's Kingdom
  20. The Gifts of Destiny
  21. Sibylla's Cave
  22. The Frozen Tower
  23. Bloom's Trial
  24. The Day of Justice
  25. Morgana's Secret
  26. Ice and Fire



  • Nick did an one hour episode for the premiere of the season, combining the first two episodes of the season.
  • This is the last season to be dubbed by Cinélume.


Winx Club Season 4 Trailer

Winx Club Season 4 Trailer

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