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Winx Club Forever
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The Winx Club begin their third year at Alfea and learn about Valtor, the new villain for Season 3. He is an evil wizard trying to destroy the Winx and conquer Magix with the Trix's help. The Winx earn a new transformation; Enchantix. With Enchantix, water stars, and fairy dust, they are able to destroy Valtor and regain peace in the Magic Dimension.


  1. The Princess' Ball
  2. Valtor's Mark
  3. The Fairy and the Beast
  4. The Mirror of Truth
  5. Sea of Fear
  6. Layla's Choice
  7. The Company of the Light
  8. Disloyal Adversary
  9. The Heart and The Sword
  10. Alfea Under Siege
  11. A Trap for Fairies
  12. The Black Willow's Tears
  13. One Last Fluttering of Wings
  14. Fury!
  15. The Island of Dragons
  16. From the Ashes
  17. In the Snake's Lair
  18. Valtor's Box
  19. At the Last Moment
  20. The Pixies' Charge
  21. The Red Tower
  22. The Crystal Labyrinth
  23. The Wizards' Challenge
  24. Witches' Revelation
  25. Wizard's Anger
  26. A New Beginning



Winx Club Season 3 Official Nick Trailer 2011!(01:56)
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