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Winx Club Forever
Winx picnic 2
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This article is about the second season of main series of Winx Club. You may be looking for the second season of the spin-off series of Winx Club.


After their summer vacation, the Winx Club returns to Alfea to begin their second year. They meet a new fairy, Aisha, who asks for their help in rescuing her Pixie friends held hostage by Lord Darkar. Lord Darkar is actually the "Shadow Phoenix" who wants to take control of the magical realm. In order to do so, he has to find out where the Pixies' Village is in order to steal the four pieces of Codex which open the portal to the Realm of Relix, where the Ultimate Power can be found. The Trix also meets Lord Darkar and serves him. Meanwhile, Winx Club learn how to obtain their Charmix. A "new teacher" arrives in Alfea and turns Bloom into Dark Bloom to serve Lord Darkar. With Dark Bloom's help, Lord Darkar opens the portal to the Realm of Relix. All seems lost. In the last moment, Sky confesses his true feelings towards Bloom, which changes Dark Bloom back to her normal self. Bloom then heals everyone and defeats Lord Darkar. After the battle, Bloom and the others go back to Alfea and celebrate. Aisha also joins Winx Club while Stella has a big fashion deal going on.


  1. The Shadow Phoenix
  2. Up to Their Old Trix
  3. Rescue Mission
  4. Princess Amentia
  5. Magic Bonding
  6. Runaway Groom
  7. The Mysterious Stone
  8. Party Crasher
  9. Professor Avalon's Secret
  10. The Crypt of the Codex
  11. Race Against Time
  12. Win-x Together!
  13. The Invisible Pixies
  14. Battle on Planet Eraklyon
  15. The Show Must Go on!
  16. Hallowinx!
  17. Twinning with The Witches
  18. In the Heart of Cloudtower
  19. The Spy in the Shadows
  20. Pixie Village
  21. Charmix Power
  22. Danger in the Wildland
  23. The Time for Truth
  24. Darkar's Prisoner
  25. Face to Face with the Enemy
  26. The Phoenix Revealed



Winx Club official trailer second series01:00

Winx Club official trailer second series

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