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In the Magic Dimension, there are many species of magical creatures who have to learn how to use their powers. For this, they attend magical schools where they learn how to master their powers completely and become accomplished fairies, witches or wizards. The three main schools are found on Magix and are Alfea: the School for Fairies, Cloud Tower: the School for Witches, and Red Fountain: the School for Specialists.



Main article: Alfea

The Alfea College for Fairies is a girls' boarding school in Magix for fairies and the most prestigious educational institution for fairies.

Cloud Tower

Main article: Cloud Tower

Cloud Tower is a boarding school for witches and the most prestigious educational institution for witches.

Red Fountain

Main article: Red Fountain

Red Fountain is a paramilitary boarding school for Specialists, and the most prestigious educational institution for Specialists.

Beta Academy

Main article: Beta Academy

Beta Academy is a school of magic in the realm of Magix. Chimera attends this school with her two friends. The school is never seen in the series.

Linphea College

Main article: Linphea College

Linphea College is a school in Linphea. It is for fairies and Paladins to attend.

Golden Auditorium

Main article: Golden Auditorium

The Golden Auditorium is a prestigious music school.

Eraklyon Institute

Main article: Eraklyon Institute

Eraklyon Institute is an institute for fairies in Eraklyon. Diaspro and Lazuli attend this school.


Main article: Zaltora

The Zaltora School for Psychic Arts is a school for wizards.

Tir Nan Og College

Main article: Tir Nan Og College

Tir Nan Og College or the Mystic School of Tir Nan Og is the school for Earth Fairies.

Magic School for Forgers

Main article: Magic School for Forgers

The Magic School for Forgers is a school for forgers.

Malacoy Paladion Academy

Main article: Malacoy Paladion Academy

Professor Avalon said to have worked here. This school is in Koria.

Comic Exclusive Schools

Oskuria College for Wizards

Main article: Oskuria

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