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The Rustic Fairies are the followers of Sibylla.



Rustic Fairies

The Rustic Fairies are magical creatures who are the followers of Sibylla, the Major Fairy of Justice. Their duty is to serve her, and to protect her as well as the entrance to her cave found in the Sibillini Mountains. They seem to be very close to nature since they live mainly in the countryside. They are apart from other Fairies in that they do not have a human appearance, but instead look like the combination of Fairies and Faun/Satyrs.


The Rustic Fairies have the upper bodies of women but have goats' legs with large hooves and have fur on their bodies instead of clothes. Their faces are flat with horse/goat-like nostril and pointed ears, and they do not seem to have any eyebrows. Their hair is shaped like horns. The wings of the Rustic Fairies are transparent, with borders of darker colors and spots of other colors, making them look like leaves of countryside plants.

Rustic Fairies with Sibylla.


When the Winx Club came seeking the help of Sibylla they spotted the Rustic Fairies dancing and thought the Fairies are cute but the Rustic Fairies ran from the Winx Club only to attack them by causing a rock avalanche. Soon enough the Winx Club gained the trust of Rustic Fairies when they saw that Sibylla granted them her protection.

When the Wizards came seeking sanctuary under Sibylla and asked help for their ailing comrade Duman the Rustic Fairies were reluctant to assist the Winx Club and the Wizards but followed Sibylla's orders none the less.


At the end of the Season, after the final battle in which the Wizards of the Black Circle were defeated, they also decided to help restore magic and the balance of the forces of nature on Earth together with the other the Earth Fairies.

Powers and Abilities

The magical abilities of the Rustic Fairies have not been yet seen, but like all other fairies they can fly. The Rustic Fairies have a large physical strength and they can use their hooves to break rocks and cause avalanches.They are also able to heal as seen in episode 22.

A rustic fairy healing Duman.

They have an ability to heal others like Krystal healed Helia. But not as great as Higher-level fairies and bearers of the Dragon's Flame.


  • The Rustic Fairies were probably inspired from the Satyrs of Greek Mythology and the Fauns of Roman Mythology.
  • Rustic is both an adjective meaning rural and a noun used for a person from a rural area.
  • When first seen the Rustic Fairies were dancing in a circle. According to legend, fairy rings are formed when the fairies' dancing at night causes grass to burn and form circles of toadstools.
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