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Fiamma Interiore
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The Royal Guard Fairies are the Earth Fairies that guard and protect the castle of Tir Nan Og and its Queen. Their first and only appearance was in "The Day of Justice".


They are quite skilled in battle and are the strongest amongst all the other Earth fairies as they protect the Queen of the Earth Fairies.


They wear a golden diadem, arm bracelets and a belt with transparent veils attached. They wear a light pink spaghetti strap crop top with strings beneath it. They carry a blue scepter with a green gem inside.



In The Day of Justice", the Royal Guard Fairies escort the Wizards of the Black Circle as they await their trial. During the trial, they guarded the area preventing trespassers from entering.

Fairies doom2

When the power of the Black Circle was released after Morgana put it on her finger, a large vortex began to suck in the Royal Guard Fairies. Fortunately for them, the Winx came to their rescue and managed to pull them out.

Magical Abilities

The Royal Guard Fairies have displayed the ability to fly.

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