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Relix 1 - Episode 226
Relix is a realm which holds the Ultimate Power of the Universe and can only be opened by the four pieces of the Codex. It was described by Darkar as a three-dimension Universe.


Relix seems to consist of mostly void, with ruins of an ancient stone building floating in it and stones floating around these ruins. The sky of Relix has is a reddish-grey color.

The Portal of Relix


The Winx and Darkar fighting in Relix.

The Portal to the Relix cannot be opened with Dark Magic only and Darkar captured Bloom and turned her into Dark Bloom so that her Dragon's Flame, which is a power of light, will balance his power of Darkness, enabling him to open the Portal to Relix. It is therefore assumed that the portal can neither be opened with the power of Light only and that one needs either both powers of Light and of Darkness or a neutral power which has neither light nor darkness to open the portal. That is why the Guardian Pixies were able to open the Portal at the end of Season 2, because they did not have powers based only on Light or Darkness.

Even in the realm of Relix, Darkar needed the power of the Dragon Fire to gain the Ultimate Power. For this, the keeper of the Dragon Fire had to perform a magical ritual, and Darkar made Bloom perform that ritual when she was Dark Bloom.


Season 2

Stella is solving the gate

Stella is solving the gate to Relix

With the help of the Guardian Pixies who, having a copy of the Codex, were able to open another portal to the Relix, the Winx, the Specialists and the teachers and headmasters of the three schools (Alfea, Red Fountain and Cloud Tower) went to the Relix Realm to rescue Bloom and the Trix went there to take revenge from Darkar for having betrayed them. Sky helps Bloom become herself again by revealing his feelings for her and the Winx defeated Darkar by using a Charmix Convergence. After that the Realm of Relix was sealed for good, since there were no longer any Codex to go there, and the Trix remained imprisoned there after the final battle with Darkar for some weeks till they were captured by the security services of Magix, frozen and sent to the Omega Dimension.


The Shadow Phoenix

Unlike the original series, only one codex was used to open the portal to Relix. Darkar and Dark Bloom had entered the Relix and Dark Bloom begins performing the chant to acquire the ultimate power.

The Guardian Pixies were capable of opening the portal, allowing the Winx to enter and try to stop Bloom from completing the spell. Unfortunately, they could not and the ultimate power was summoned. Darkar proceeds to absorb it but with just one chance, Sky confesses his love for Bloom and was able to bring her back to normal. She relinquishes the ultimate power from Darkar. The Winx then finish Darkar off by doing a Charmix Convergence. The realm begins to collapse and so the Winx, Specialists, Pixies, and their teachers escape.


  • The realm of Relix contains the Ultimate Power of the Universe, but in Season 7 it is stated that there is another power that is called the Ultimate Power of the Fairy Animals, it is unknown if both of the ultimate powers are one.
  • The name of the Relix comes from the word Relic, which is the name of what remains after something has been through partial destruction or decay.
  • In the 4Kids version, the Relix is called Realix.
  • It his unknown how the authorities of Magix were able to enter the Relix to capture the Trix and send them to the Omega Dimension. It may be possible that the Knights of the Fortress of Light were able to enter the Relix and capture the Trix, since they possess very advanced magic and are responsible for punishing the criminals of the Magic Dimension.


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