The Red-Guilded Venus Fly Orchid is a flower introduced in Season 2.


The Red-Guilded Venus Fly Orchid is a flower that is ideal for hypnosis spells.


The Red-Guilded Venus Fly Orchid has a light green stem and light green lower petals. The upper petals are yellow with brown spots. It has a pink mouth.


Season 2


Palladium about to pick the flower.

In “Pixie Village,” Palladium discovers it on his excursion with Avalon. It attempts to bite Palladium and he remarks that it is very lively. He picks it, but drops it when he finds a passed-out Avalon.


  • In the 4Kids dub, it is called the "Golden Mercury Flytrap".
  • Its name is derived from the Venus flytrap.

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