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Breath of Nature
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Quentin's Bodyguards are two male Pixies and are the personal guards of the famous rock star Quentin Quake.



Both of them are well built and wearing a dark blue jacket, a light blue shirt, brown shoes and a blue jeans with a brown belt. They also wearing sunglasses which cover their eyes. The only difference between them is that one of them has brown hair and the other has blond hair.

Personality Profile

Quentin's Bodyguards do not talk very much, but always accompany their employer and protect him with their life. Sometimes, Quentin let them do little tasks for him (like bringing his suitcases to the hotel where he will stay or get him a drink).


  • It is unknown whether they are Pixies or not, because they do not have wings on their back, but they are not Elves or Gnomes.

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