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Priscilla is a fairy of Alfea. She is mostly seen with Luna and Katy.


She is a bold and outgoing person. She is also capable of giving good advice.


She is one of the Winx's classmates and are in a few of their classes. In episode twelve, she is one of the few fairies who have yet to finish her simulator test in Palladium's class. She was extremely nervous about it.

During the Trix's attempt to conquer the Magic Dimension, she helped fighting against them.

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Priscilla in her civilian outfit

Priscilla is a light skinned female with short maroon hair worn in a bob-cut style. Her theme color seems to be green.

Her civilian form is a lime green tank top and miniskirt. Her shoes are double strapped sandals with lime green traps and light green shoes. She also wears 2 dark green bracelets on one wrist.

She wears a light green sleeveless dress with a jade green bodice and ruffles on her collar, on the ends of her "sleeves" and in stripes down her dress below the bodice.

Her Winx form consists of dark green bikini top with a jagged collar. She also wears a matching colored skirt with a jagged bottom and a yellow green pendent at the top. She also wears calf high dark green boots and a lighter green finger-less gloves. Her wings are shaped like leaves, which are light green with yellow rims.

Powers and Abilities

She is the fairy of trees and has the ability to hear the murmurs of the plants and trees.

Uses of Magic

  • Unnamed attack spell: She shots a green ball of magical energy at her opponent. Used against the witches in season 3 episode 10.


  • Her name is of Latin origin and means "ancient".
  • She is sometimes seen in Cloud Tower. This could mean that she is a transfer student like Mirta but the reverse, a fairy wanting to be a witch or character error.

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