The PopPixie Ending Theme Song is the ending theme song for the series; PopPixie.


I know a place
Where everybody's got the funny the way
Wonderful things happen everyday
And nothing is stays the same for too long
It's like a roller coaster
Long talk and treat
Everything's possible and nothing is real
Follow the flow and put a smile on your face
Come on, let's get a little crazy
And light the merry go-round

I love to be in this magic town
(Let's share the joy and have some fun)
You have a special talent, let it be your guide
Talent revealed, you have the powers following your destiny
Take care of all the people you know because
You like to see everyone happy (happy)

'Cause PopPixie, it's like a dream come true
With PopPixie, you feel so wonderful
Find the way to your heart
One day you'll get there so don't give up
Say the words to yourself
You know I'll always be your friend



Coming soon...


Pop Pixie Full Ending (Italian)

Pop Pixie Full Ending (Italian)


PopPixie Season 1 - Ending Instrumental

PopPixie Season 1 - Ending Instrumental

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