Pixie Village is the home of the pixies and where the magical trees like the Tree of Life, the Tree of Portals, and the Story Tree are located.


According to Aisha, it is located in the Gloomy Wood Forest, where the Gloomy Wood Trolls once lived.




  • The Pixie Village bears some resemblance to the Smurf Village in the Smurf Comics.
  • It was stated that Gloomy Wood Trolls were chained under Pixie Village. As Pixies removed their village after Icy stole their Codex, it is unknown if the Trolls were removed too or if Pixies just temporarily left the area and later returned.
  • It is revealed that Pixie Village and Downland are connected through an underground tunnel as shown in the episode, "Pixie Village" when Livy flies through underground tunnel to Downland in order to prevent Icy from taking the Codex.

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