Pixie Magic is a line of dolls produced by Mattel in 2005. The characters featured in the line are: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha.


The Winx Club™ dolls are fantastically fashionable friends who use special powers to transform into magical fairies. All of these Winx Club™ fairies, including one new fairy, Gladis of Winx Club™, come with their own pixie that lights-up when doll comes close to her fairy. Dolls also feature light-up wings.


  • 1 pixie figurine
  • 1 hair brush
  • 1 collectible card


  • The Italian doll counterpart would be Fata & Pixie.
  • Aisha's English name was originally going to be "Gladis" according to her doll's prototype.
  • This doll line and the Magic Wardrobe are featured together in their commercial.



Winx Club Layla Aisha Doll Pixie Magic And Magical Closet Commercial00:31

Winx Club Layla Aisha Doll Pixie Magic And Magical Closet Commercial

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