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The Phantoblade is a kind of sword used by the Red Fountain Specialists. Upon activating, the handle will generate a blade of any color or shape depending on each sword. Phantoblades can cut through almost any material, and can deflect magical attacks, so they can be used offensively and defensively.

Kinds of Phantoblades

Sky's Phantoblade

Sky's phantoblade is a blue, double edged straight long sword.

Brandon's Phantoblades

Brandon has two phantoblades. The first one is a big, double edged straight green broadsword that he uses commonly. His second one is a double bladed, also green phantoblade, that can be used as a throw-able weapon, or to deflect attacks.

Riven's Phantoblade

Riven's phantoblade is a fuchsia saber, which in contrast to Sky and Brandon's weapons, it's a curved edge instead of a straight one.

Codatorta's Phantoblade

Codatorta's phantoblade is a dark blue, double edged broadsword. One of the edges is completely straight, while the other one ends in a glaive-shaped curve.

Bishop's Phantoblades

Bishop uses two purple hook swords.


  • It is highly likely that phantoblades were inspired by Star Wars' lightsabers due to its many resemblances.
  • Despite the phantoblade is the standard specialist weapon, not all Specialists use them. Timmy for example, uses a gun as his default weapon, while Helia uses a gauntlet, and Roy uses a javelin.
  • It is seen that Timmy also has a Phantoblade in the first movie.
  • The name "Phantoblade" is a blend of "phantom" and "blade".