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This article is about Icy's pet duck. You may be looking for Musa's fairy pet.
Pepe is a small duckling that belonged to Icy.


Pepe is a small purple duck with dark blue eyes.


Pepe is silly and very oblivious of the fact that Icy despises it and she shows it mostly by encasing Pepe in ice. Even, Stormy had blast it with her lightning bolts because it was "annoying". Despite this, Pepe is very loyal to Icy and it even followed her to Lightrock Monastery but even so, this loyalty can be shaken as seen when Pepe followed Knut to Alfea, seeking refuge from the Trix's ruthless power. However, Pepe can also be easily befriended as shown when it befriended Kiko during the invasion, unfortunately, it was short-lived. 



  • Musa's Fairy Pet in Season 4 is named Pepe.
  • Pepe never appeared in the Nickelodeon Specials.
  • Pepe can talk but the only word he has said is "mommy".
  • In other dubs Pepe is instead called Nero, which is the Italian word for the color black and the name of a Roman Emperor who was said by some to have been a tyrannical ruler.

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