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The Patchamen are a group of do-gooding superheroes. Alternatively, they have also been referred to as the Ninja Hawks, P-Force, Techno-Ninjas and, in the 4Kids dub, the Wrong-Righters.


  • Ben is the melodramatic leader of the Patchamen and a self-proclaimed mysterious antihero. His title is "The Justice Man."
  • Jinpee is the self-proclaimed genius of the Patchamen, to the point where he titles himself as "The Smartest Kid Ever."
  • Junko is the sole female member of the Patchamen who prides herself on her looks. As such, her title is "The Princess of Beauty."
  • Kiu is a cyborg who is able to disassemble his head, torso and limbs into different components. His title is "The Mighty One."
  • Bo is another member of the Patchamen who considers himself a mysterious antihero and even goes by the title "The Mysterious Antihero." Identical to Ben, he does not say much.
  • Zark is the Patchamen's dog.


Season 2

The Patchamen make their debut in the episode "Battle on Planet Eraklyon" where they had been tasked with kidnapped Princess Diaspro by Yoshinoya under the assumption that she was being manipulated by the sinister Prince Sky.

When Sky returns to Eraklyon to rescue Diaspro with Brandon, Bloom and Flora by his side, the Patchamen battle it out with the group while revealing why they believed they were safeguarding Diaspro. Eventually, the Patchamen learn that they had been tricked by Yoshinoya when Zing flies by holding the ransom note the evil lord sent out to Diaspro's parents. They then agree to free Diaspro and leave to fight crime somewhere else after some convincing from Bloom. In the Cinélume dub, the Patchamen head for Earth.


  • The Patchamen seem to be a tribute to the team from Gatchaman (G-Force: Guardians of Space).
    • In the Cinélume version, they are called the Patchamen, so they directly reference the anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.
      • Their names (Ben, Bo, Junko, Jinpee, and Kiu) are a parody of the Gatchamen names: Ken, Jo, Jun, Jinpei, and Ryu (also known as Ace Goodheart, Dirk Daring, Agatha June, Hootow - replaced with Kiu the robot - and Peewee).
  • The Patchamen were completely edited out of the Nickelodeon dub of the show.