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Wow, did I just say that?
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Pam is one of the pixies of PopPixie. She is the Pixie of Hand Speed.

Personality Profile

Pam is a sociable and sensitive Pixie, endowed with a strong creativity. Pam is the most famous hairdresser in Pixieville. Pam owns the best treatment center Pixieville. At first, she thinks that she does not have a talent but she gains confidence and opened her own shop after earning her MagicPop.


Pam's magic pop

Pam's MagicPop


Pam pop pixie

Pam as Pop Pixie

Pam wears a purple themed dress with orange skirts beneath it and an orange segment with a yellow strip in the center at her chest. Along with purple ribbons with orange flowers on each hair bun, purple bracelets, and matching shoes.


Pam wears a loose ice blue tanktop with an orange and yellow orange tanktop/bustier like piece on top. Along with orange jeans, a purple belt with a gold heart in the center, wrap bracelets on each wrist, small purple bows on her buns, and lilac boots. 

Powers and Abilities

Her MagicPop power enables her to cut things quickly and cut through almost everything.

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