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An arena packed with beauty queens... I'm scared to go in there.
Breath of Nature This article is a C. It is missing three or more sections and has little to no imagery. Anything that can be added will be appreciated highly.
Ortensia (Pia in the Winx Club video game) is a fairy who attends Alfea. She has music-based powers like Musa.


Ortensia is one of the few fairies who is depicted with glasses. She has square framed glasses and very long dark blue-black hair that is about waist length, if a bit shorter. She normally wears an orange tanktop/shirt and pale gray jeans, and also orange shoes.

Ortensia once transformed is wearing a sparkly pink muffin top hat, keeps her glasses, and also a sparkling pink tanktop and skirt, along with slightly darker shorts and below the knee fuchsia boots.


Ortensia is depicted as the bossy and a bit of a snappy attitude, especially when under stress. This is seen during their rest time from the Army of Darkness.


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Magical Abilities

  • Unnamed shield: Ortensia creates an orange-ish shield to block a witch's attack.
  • Unnamed energy beam spell: Ortensia uses to project a ray of energy.


  • Ortensia means "Gardener, Farmer"
  • "Ortensia" is the Italian form of "Hortensia", which is a common name for the Hydrangea flower.
  • Her name is of Italian origin and means "the garden lover".

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