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Omega dimension

Omega Dimension as seen from outer space.

The Omega Dimension is a frozen dimension that serves as a prison.


Omega dimension 2
The worst criminals from all over Magix are sent to this desolate place, deeply frozen and abandoned, in this supposedly "escape-proof" prison. Tecna was once trapped in the Omega Dimension. Luckily, as Tecna earned her Enchantix and combined it with her technology, making a survival suit, turning ice into food and keeping her warm until Bloom and Sky found her.



  • Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, denoting the sound ō, and written as "Ω" (capital form), and "ω" (minuscule form). Being the last in the Greek alphabet system, it is usually symbolically used to denote the end of something in contrast to the letter alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which represents the beginning of something.
    • It is implied by Gantlos that the Omega Dimension is at the end of the Magic Dimension.
  • Obsidian, since evil creatures are imprisoned there and is made of only one material, obsidian stone, is similar to the Omega Dimension where all the worst criminals of the Magic Dimension are sent and which is made entirely of ice.
    • However the Omega Dimension appears to be more mild, as it is frozen one may even survive there and only criminals are sent there while in Obsidian everything that is not evil is destroyed, and even the evil ones suffer, as the three old witches lost their bodies, and not only are the most evil creatures imprisoned there, they are also spawned there, like the Ancestresses were.
    • The guardian of Obsidian, Mandragora, is also a servant of evil, while the guardian of the Omega Dimension, the Ice Serpent, is neutral and is neither good, nor evil.
  • The Omega Dimension is considered a "frozen" planet, but in the last episode of season 4 , we can see that there is no ice on the surface of the planet, but instead, there is grass.

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