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The Realm of Obsidian.

Obsidian is a realm outside of the Magic Dimension and its gate is called the Obsidian Circle.


According to Faragonda, Obsidian Circle is said to be the secret entrance to a dark and terrible place, a black dimension of ultimate fear and hate, and that the gate of the Realm of Obsidian is what keeps evil distant, adding that this was the place where the Ancestral Witches were generated. When Bloom said that maybe her parents were there, Faragonda replied that it was preferable to hope otherwise as anyone who enters Obsidian is hopelessly lost, corrupted by absolute evil.

According to Flora, Obsidian is the nightmare realm where monsters and the most formidable creatures are all caged, and Faragonda remarks that it is the story every child of Magix hears when they misbehave.





  • Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass which of usually dark color which has been widely used throughout history to make blades and other cutting instruments.

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