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Queen Niobe is Aisha's mother and the Queen of Andros. She has a lot of purely strong and close motherly love for Aisha. She also made the choice of Aisha marrying Nabu. She asks for Aisha's forgiveness because she made the choice of who Aisha will marry, but she also says it is a lucky guess. Niobe does not appear much. She came to Alfea to ask for forgiveness from Aisha stating that she should not have made a choice for Aisha to marry Nabu, other than that episode she only appears in Andros. Niobe mainly appears in Season 3.


Niobe has a light brown complexion and grey-blue eyes. She has long, curly mahogany colored hair. She wears a blue dress and a light blue headpiece adorned with aqua crystals, with a pendant and earrings to match. Her dress appears to be somewhat inspired by Elizabethan fashion, very fitting for her strict traditionalist personality; her stiff bodice ends in a long, narrow point, and her skirt stands out with some volume on either side (indicative of a farthingale or pannier) She also wears a pale violet ruff and a blue supportase trimmed in gold.


Niobe first appears as a strict traditionalist, having raised her only child Aisha to mirror the same image. Elegant, formal, and never out of step with the prim-and-proper ways of her royal rank, it is mentioned several times that she and Aisha had a difficult time getting along. Although they love each other unconditionally, Aisha resented being forced to fit into a mold that didn't make her happy, and Niobe struggled to accept her daughter's will to forge her own path and abandon some of the more conservative royal ways, such as her manner of dress, and disagreement with the notion of arranged marriage. Nonetheless, she is shown to be very fair and open-minded, allowing Aisha to have this freedom, and allowing herself to let loose once in awhile as well.





  • Her name means "Fern" in Greek.

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