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Gargoyle monster
The Nightmare Gargoyle is a type of Gargoyle that gets more powerful whenever it feeds off nightmares. Each time it absorbs more power, its body shape changes and grows larger.



Each shape is dependent as increases in size and power through the nightmares of the Winx (except for Flora who had escaped the trap)

  • First Form: His original form when Trix created it is a little monster gargoyle.
  • Second Form: After rounding Stella's dream, it enlarges to become a Wolf-shaped porcupine.
  • Third Form: After rounding Musa's dream, it changes to a spider with one eye
  • Final Form: Once cornered Tecna's dream and probably Bloom's, it becomes a bigger and stronger than previous forms monster. Here launches green shells and more resistant shielded.


Season 1

The Nightmare Gargoyle was summoned by the Trix and vanquished by Faragonda. It made its only appearance in Season 1 Episode 16.

Magical Abilities

It has the ability to feeds off nightmares.


  • All of its transformations remind to Freezer (villain of Dragon Ball Z). Both have abilities to transform to the extent of having more strength.
  • The third form is like garbage cockroaches.
  • The final form is similar to the headless monster of the Army of Darkness.