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Nex is a Paladin, Thoren's friend, and Aisha's boyfriend.


Nex has light navy blue hair with side burns, fair skin, and light hazel-colored eyes. He always wears a pair of piercings in his left ear.

Though he was introduced in season 6, he did not have a civilian outfit until season 7. Instead, he was mainly shown wearing his Paladin uniform.

In season 7, Nex's civilian outfit consists of a red, long-sleeve shirt with a white collar; a khaki utility jacket; blue jeans with a navy blue belt; and khaki hiking boots. He also wears two metal bracelets and a black bead necklace.

Nex wears a red uniform which has a teal oval gem in the middle.


Nex seems to be a flirt as he is seen flirting with Aisha. He also has a bit of a temper and tends to become agitated when someone is shown to be more skilled then him. And because he is attracted to Aisha, he tends to get a little jealous of Roy when he impressed her, and so he has a bit of angst against him. Despite this, he knows what his priorities are and is shown to be courageous and caring even towards Roy when he was affected by the petrifying beams. He can be a bit shy when he is speaking to someone he likes.




  • In Latin, the word "nex" means "murder" or "death".
  • "Nex" might also be derived from "Nexus", which means bond.
    • In the series Charmed, a Nexus is a magical point that is equidistant from the five elements.
  • Nex and Brandon are both voiced by the same voice actor in the Nickelodeon dub. Ironically, they are both quite flirtatious.
  • Instead of making his debut a season after Roy's in Season 5, Nex and Roy both make their comic debuts at the same time during the Season 6 comics.
  • Nex is the only one of the Winx's boyfriends whose name appears in the title of a comic.

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