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Mythix is the second transformation of Season 6. It is also the parallel transformation with Bloomix.


Mythix is the power contained in the Ancestral Wands that will allow the Winx to enter the Legendarium World. This transformation will only be seen in 3D and can only be used in the Legendarium World.


The outfits appear to be formal like Enchantix with prom-like dresses and high heels or boots with ruffles and flowers in design. The outfits have bright scheme colors but not complicated. The boots are designed to match well with the outfits. The hair is tied, or curled, and decorated with the matching flower. Also, their wings are big and layered with sharp tips. Some of the fairies may gain tattoos, like Tecna.


A fairy requires the Ancestral Wands which grants her the Mythix power. In order to obtain the Ancestral Wand, the fairy must prove herself worthy before the Wand.

Magical Abilities

The Mythix power gains the users the ability to enter the Legendarium World, and also teleport themselves from Legendarium World to the real world, as well as the items from the Legendarium World. However, once they stayed in the Legendarium World for too long, they will become fictional characters forever. The wands allow them to see magic objects or legendary clues through the chant "Mythix vision" or "Mythix insight".

Known Mythix Fairies



  • The name Mythix comes from the word "myth", which means "a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event". This name refers to the fairy tale theme of the season.
  • Mythix is the first transformation to be first earned in the fourteen episode of a season.
  • Unlike Sirenix, which was in both 2D and 3D, Mythix will be in 3D only, with Bloomix as the 2D transformation of the season.
  • This is the first transformation that is available only in 3D.
  • So far, this is the only transformation that has been seen in 3D and used in the Legendarium World only.
  • Unlike Sirenix, the Winx do not only use Mythix once they earn it.
  • This is Stella's second transformation in which she used a scepter-like magical weapon. The first one is Winx with the Solaria Scepter.
  • This is Tecna's third transformation in which she does not wear pants or shorts. The first one is Sophix and second one is Harmonix.
  • This is the only transformation where Aisha's skin is a little lighter than usual.
  • This is Bloom's third transformation where her hair is in a reddish/dark orange color. The other transformations being Sirenix and Bloomix.
  • Mythix power is exclusive to the Legendarium World, but Flora used a Mythix spell in the real world to save Helia from a dark spell.
  • The wands can be used in the real world as the Winx and Eldora call them up several times.
  • Musa's pigtails in her Enchantix transformation have returned, but this time they are crimped.
  • Like Sirenix, each Winx transform alone (except for Musa and Tecna). Unlike the previous form, the fairies were five instead of four:
    • Flora is the first to transform alone, to rescue Helia who is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. (S6E17 - 18)
    • Second is Stella, to get the crown that was being stolen by Darcy. (S6E19 - 20)
    • Third is Tecna. However, she was forced into the Legendarium World because she was in contact with Frankenstein's Monster by the time Selina put him back into her book.
    • Fourth was Aisha, to search for the other pixies who were trapped in the first attack of the Legendarium. (S6E24)
    • The final one was Bloom, in a duel with Acheron, and to trade Acheron with the Legendarium Key with Rumpelstiltskin and the final battle between the Trix. (S6E25 - 26)
  • The hairstyle of Bloom and Stella are almost same.
  • Stella is the only fairy to wear boots in her Mythix form.
  • With Acheron defeated and the Legendarium is locked, the Ancestral Wands and the Mythix power are practically useless for now.
  • This is the first transformation, in which the fairies carry a magical item as a weapon.
  • The only time where the Winx created a Mythix convergence was in "The Anthem", against Rumpelstiltskin.
  • This is one of the many transformations where Bloom's Great Dragon appears, the others are Magic Winx, Enchantix, Believix and Sirenix.
  • Flora is the only fairy to perform a Mythix spell without being transformed.
  • Bloom was the only fairy to use her powers without using her wand.
  • Musa never entered the Legendarium World alone.
  • Musa was the only Mythix fairy that was shown to have never used any spoken spell.

Transformation Sequences

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