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My Fairy Pet is an online game on the Nickelodeon website, featuring the Fairy Pets as main characters.

How to play

The player must buy a room from the shop, create his/her own pet, feed, clean and do more stuff on the pet. The player's pets can go on dates. After the third one, they adopt a baby fairy pet. The fairy pets in the game require lots of attention.

Taking care of pets

  1. Feeding: the pet's tummy will grumble, so the player can give the pet a lemon or buy an apple.
  2. Cleaning: the pets will have brown dirt on them. The player must take the brush and clean the pet.
  3. Tricks: these help the player earn more star points.
  4. Accessories: the player can design the pet with accessories.

External Links

Click here to play the game.


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