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Morphix is a magical substance introduced in Season 2, belonging to Aisha. It first appeared during the trip to the Under Realm, when Aisha sealed a door using it. She then explained that her power, Morphix, can be molded into any shape she wishes.


Morphix is a fuchsia/pink malleable substance derived from the rearrangement of water molecules. Before it is molded into anything, it often takes the form of a fuchsia/pink glowing sphere in Aisha's hands and encases her whole body in a fuchsia-pink glow. Aisha may be able to change it's appearance to the form of a darker magenta/fuchsia color. she can also change the phase/viscosity of the liquid substance.


Morphix S5E01

Morphix used in Season 5.

  • Molded into a wall or screen that people then will stick to.
  • Formed into a surfboard that she can use to "surf" out the enemy's attack. It is called Morphix Surfboard (Nabu seems to have the same ability).
  • Creating a protective wall.
  • Covering the eyes and mouths of dragons, to keep them from attacking.
  • Made into a long rope that attaches to enemies and can have shock wave sent through it to attack the captured enemies.
  • Made into a liquid/spring allowing herself to surf while she is actually on land.
  • Made into binoculars in "The Sea of Fear".
  • Molded into a cushion.
  • Molded into a body.
  • Made into a net in "Return to Alfea".
  • Made into a staff.
  • Made into a trap.
  • Made into a cage.
  • Made into a ribbon.
  • Made into a dart.


  • Morphix comes from the prefix morpho, itself derived from the Ancient Greek word μορφή, meaning "form" or "shape".
  • Gwen from the Ben 10 series seems to have a power similar to Morphix.
  • Another name for Morphix, by Aisha in spells is Plasma, which is derived from the Ancient Greek word Plasmas meaning "something formed or molded".

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