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Morgana's Necklace (on Stella)

Stella wearing the necklace in Issue 95.

Morgana's Necklace is a magical necklace that belongs to Morgana, the Earth Fairy High Queen. The necklace only appears within the Winx Club Comic Series and it is an important item to the Neruman story arc.


Morgana's necklace looks like a very old and ornate crystal necklace. There is one main jewel at the center surrounded by smaller crystals and pearls. It also droops down to a person's midriff.


The crystal necklace is a very important item to Morgana as it may be magically connected to her life. After it was stolen during a break-in in Issue 85, Morgana's health and magic began to wear away, leaving her unable to leave the house. By Issue 95, Morgana becomes so weak that she has to stay in bed to keep from moving. By the events of Issue 97, Morgana's health had weakened to the point where she slips into critical condition. It is safe to assume that this necklace holds Morgana's magical life force as it seems that Morgana most likely would have died if the Winx did not retrieve it in time.


The necklace does not make any physical appearances within this issue, but Morgana tells Roxy that she had fallen ill a short while after a break-in. Klaus then specifies that one of the items stolen was a necklace that Morgana was quite fond of.

Much like Issue 85, Morgana's Necklace does not make a physical appearance, however, the Winx have concluded that the Wizards of the Black Circle were the ones who stole it and have hidden it somewhere. The necklace is only mentioned by Bloom when she demands that Ogron tell them of its whereabouts.

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