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Mitzi is the school rival and neighbor of Bloom in Gardenia. Socially ambitious to a fault, she spent the larger portion of her life trying to be the most popular girl at Gardenia, often annoying others through her incessant boasting. Mitzi comes from a wealthy family and expects to get anything she wants, much like Diaspro.


Mitzi has long black hair, parted on one side. Along with fair skin and eyes covered with dark blue glasses. Mitzi wears a green tank top with a single line being yellow in color with small cut-out sections going down the center. She also wears khaki capris.

In season 5, the cut-out sections have been colored in with a lighter green color and she now wears bracelets on her wrists.

Mitzi wears a dark purple-blue tank top and skirt with very long pieces of cloth streaming from the skirt, along with knee length dark pink-purple pointed toe.

Mitzi's hair is worn in low pigtails, resembling Stella's original fairy form. Held with very thin silver pieces. Her glasses have turned a dark magenta color, while her outfit consist of a dark green tanktop with long pink un-attached sleeves, a purple skirt with dark green straps, and above the knee dark magenta stockings/socks and dark green boots with purple platforms. boots and a small pumpkin purse.


Mitzi is very self-centered, and expects to get anything she wants. She hates nature, as seen in The Lilo. Mitzi is extremely spoiled, hates the Winx and is a fan of the Trix. She's also very haughty, and would usually be mean to people like the Winx and her sister, Macy.

When she is infatuated with a guy, she can turn into a stalker. If her crush is already in a relationship she will not hesitate to try and break it apart. She also does not think of the consequences of her actions, especially if there is a chance for her to take down her enemies, such as following the Wizards of the Black Circle to the sewers because they would like her and her friends' assistance in taking down the Winx.

After receiving her powers and beginning her magic training with the Wizards, she used other people's cars as training tools; levitating them and letting crash back down when she was done with them, she showed no concern for damaging other people's property. It seems she also has a short attention span as she quickly got bored of levitating cars and wanting to do other things.


Mitzi appears in Episode 1. She is a school rival, and a neighbor to Bloom in Gardenia. Bloom is very annoyed by her self-imposed sense of overall superiority. She is first seen snubbing Bloom's consistent vacationing spot and while the workers were unloading her scooter she tells them to be careful and showed it off to Bloom, Bloom then says goodbye and rides her bike to the park having enough of her attitude. She then appeared again towards the end of the episode when Bloom and Stella were fighting Knut and his trolls and ghouls, watching TV and complaining about the noise.

Angry Mitzi

In "A Great Secret Revealed" she greets Bloom to which Bloom replies that she is currently on break from school and starts to leave. Mitzi stops her and questions her sudden departure from Gardenia leading Bloom to explain that she had switched schools to which Mitzi rudely implies that it must be a school for slow learners. Insulted, Bloom corrects her and Mitzi still does not believe her and so Bloom snaps back and left. After the fire that was set ablaze on Vanessa's flower shop, Bloom was deemed a hero which was broadcasted on TV which Mitzi saw, she became furious at Bloom's success, bashing a pillow against her couch and walking away from her TV because she could no longer stand it.

~Mitzi's Pig~

Mitzi's scooter, turned into a pig by Bloom

She makes her final appearance in this season in "The Font of the Dragon Flame" and once again mocks Bloom by asking as to why she is back. Bloom, completely not in the mood to deal with her, lightly greets her and rides off. Mitzi follows her in her car and rudely asked if she was kicked out, Bloom informed her that that was not the case and it was under her own decision, Mitzi did not care and joyfully exclaimed that she had failed and rode off. A few days later, Mitzi once again pesters Bloom and assures her that she is indeed a nobody and almost ran over Kiko, Bloom has had enough and turned her scooter into a pig. Mitzi then goes and complains to the people who had delivered her scooter that the pig was really her scooter and obviously the two men did not believe her.

In this season, she invites Bloom and the Winx Club to her Halloween Party with the intention of playing a prank on the Winx Club, though her attempt backfires, thanks to the Pixies.

Mitzi is seen considerably more in this season. She is shocked (and possibly envious) to find that Bloom is running a successful business, Love & Pet.

When Mitzi adopts a pet from Love & Pet, she is unaware that the Wizards of the Black Circle had put a spell on that pet. She is in grave danger when her pet grows, but Brandon saves her. To thank him, she kisses him on the cheek. This angers and makes Stella jealous, causing an argument between her and Brandon which resulted in Stella ignoring Brandon for awhile. Mitzi then uses this as an opportunity to try and get close to Brandon.

Mitzi kissing Brandon

Mitzi then attempts to ruin Stella and Brandon's relationship for good, but her efforts ultimately prove useless. She is always finding ways to be by Brandon. Mitzi becomes very jealous of Stella when she sees that Brandon is always with her. Mitzi still keeps trying to be with Brandon even when he and Stella reconciled.

She and her friends Sally and Darma, jealous of the popularity of the Winx and of the fact that they are fairies accept an offer from the wizards and are transformed into dark fairies who attacked the people of Gardenia, causing them to have negative feelings and to hate the Winx. Using their positive Believix powers and by helping the people there, the Winx cause the dark powers of Mitzi and her friends to weaken and disappear, turning them back into normal humans who did not remember what happened to them.

Mitzi with her friends, Darma and Sally

She appears one last time in this season in the episode "The Nature Rage", after the Winx had freed the imprisoned Earth Fairies, Diana came to Gardenia and allowed nature to take back what humanity took from it. Mitzi screamed for help to which the Winx responded to, only to discover that she had car trouble - her SUV, tangled up in vines. At first she told them to just go back to what they were doing, but as they started to walk away she took back what she said and asked Bloom to get it down for her. Bloom did so but left it to crash onto the ground which ruined the car and led Mitzi to freak out. When she was about to berate Bloom for it the giant spider Diana had conjured up arrived and spooked Mitzi a bit but she became completely devastated when Aisha used her car to attack the spider. She was then left speechless when the Winx teleported the spider and themselves away from the premise.

Mitzi appears with her little sister, Macy, who is holding the Lilo, a mystical plant that has great power. Despite fact that Mitzi never met the Trix before in the series, she is also revealed to support the Trix in capturing the Lilo, and defeating the Winx. In the end, the Winx girls stop the Trix from getting the Lilo.


In Season 6, Mitzi makes a cameo at a Gothic style party in Gardenia in Broken Dreams, as well as in the next episode.

Magical Abilities

Mitzi attacks

As a Dark Fairy, Mitzi's powers are affiliated with negative energy because the Wizards of the Black Circle were the ones who imbued her with their magic. She gains generic magical abilities such as flight, manifesting and projecting magical energy in its many forms and types.

However, as she is inexperienced training is required from the Wizards. After some training, she was able to use her powers with ease but her skills were not on par with the Winx due to their higher experience level and she was easily outmatched. When she shot a ball of magical energy at Stella, she had no trouble diffusing it with her shield and easily knocked Mitzi aside with her own magic.

Because her powers were given to her, and are powered by people's negative feelings towards magic, if their negative feelings ceases so does the strength of her magic.

Uses of Magic

  • Dark Energy Projection: She projects purple energy that can destroy obstacles, set fire and paralyze others, and project beams of energy.

    Mitzi attacks.

  • Shield: Mitzi changes her beams of dark energy into a bright purple shield, reflecting Bloom's Dragon Heart.
  • Negative Energy: Energy she emits as a Dark Fairy and only true Fairies can sense it.


  • Mitzi's 4Kids voice actress, Lisa Ortiz, also provided the voices for Musa, Icy, and Digit.
  • Although Mitzi appears in the first two seasons, she does not appear in Nickelodeon's Winx Club specials, yet she was introduced in Season 4.
  • Mitzi is a name of German origin and which means "bitter", which suits her personality as she often has a bitter attitude towards most people.
  • It is revealed that Mitzi has a sister, as shown in Season 5, whose name is Macy.
  • She is a fan of the Trix, while her sister cheers for the Winx.
  • Even though Mitzi first appeared in season 1 episode 1, she did not have a major role until Season 4.
  • Mitzi's Nickelodeon voice actress, Daniella Monet, coincidentally portrays other characters similar to Mitzi herself. These roles performed by Monet include Rebecca (from "Zoey 101") and Trina Vega (from "Victorious"). Both these shows aired on Nickelodeon as well.
  • Mitzi makes a brief, non speaking appearance in season six when she is shown attending the Gardenia goth ball. She appears dressed in her dark fairy form (but lack her wings) from season four.

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