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Mirta is a girl who stood out among the other witches of Cloud Tower. She has the ability to produce illusions using her imagination and emotions. She was a witch in most of the first season before becoming a Fairy.


She has often been ridiculed by the Trix at Cloud Tower because of her opinion that Witches and Fairies are not very different from each other and that they can be friends. Mirta even attempts to help Bloom on one occasion and ends up by being turned into a pumpkin by Icy. At the end of Season 1, she transfers to Alfea.


She is a pale girl with freckles, grey eyes, and short burgundy hair that has a long blue streak in it, with a few beads separating it from the rest of her hair.

Her most frequent outfit has a punk goth style to it. She wears a frayed white shirt with a pumpkin decal in the middle, a gray shirt underneath that shirt, and a black vest that covers both. Her black skirt has a gray layer on it and is held up by two belts, white and dark red respectively. She wears dark red leggings underneath the skirt. Her black boots are knee-high with grey straps on them. She accessorizes with grey arm cuffs.

She wears a pink mini tank top with dark blue straps and a matching skirt. She also wears dark blue sparkly gloves, knee-high, light teal boots with pink heels. Around her neck and and on her skirt, she wears a grey diamond-shaped pendant. Her wings resemble a butterfly's and are slightly bigger than most of the fairies'.

She wears a sleeveless navy blue sweatshirt that has a tan triangle in the middle and reveals her midriff with an orange hoodie, teal jeans and sneakers the same color as her sweatshirt.

She wears a gray shirt in the shape of Bloom's Winx top with gray bands at the top of her arms, she also has a white bracelet on one of her wrists. Her skirt is either black or dark gray with 2 light blown strings as a belt going around it. She also has grey socks that stop just below her skirt and black short boots.

She wears a light lilac coat that is closed at the front on the left with six buttons and a closed collar over her civilian clothes.


Mirta is a sweet and shy girl who wants fairies and witches to get along. Mirta's personality is similar to Flora's. At Cloud Tower, Mirta was not fitting in, though she was nice to everyone else there. Mirta places a high value on friendship.
Mirta and Lucy

Mirta's and Lucy's childhood photograph

Her closest friends are Lucy, Flora, Amaryl, and Kimmy. She has grown more cheerful throughout the series as she develops more friendship with the fairies of Alfea.

Even if Mirta (like Flora) is afraid easily, she is also very selfless, as shown in Season 1, when she stood between a hurt Bloom and the Trix; or when she told Flora to not worry about her and go help the others against the Nightmare Gargoyle, or in Season 3 when she was determined to find out what happened to Lucy.