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The MiniWorlds are the dimensions debuting in season seven.


The Fairy Animals of the Winx introduced the existence of the MiniWorlds. They told them that the keys to these worlds are the Tynix Bracelets. According to Elas, they are near but also far away at the same time from the ordinary world. With their bracelets, they can communicate with the animals inhabiting the MiniWorlds.



The MiniWorld of Precious Stones

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The MiniWorld of Precious Stones is full of stones. It is located within the tallest volcano of Pyros. There is a big, red stone in the heart of the volcano which feeds Pyros with its magic fire. Also, there are inhabitants called Clankies, little dragon-like creatures, that reside in the MiniWorld of Precious Stones.

The Leaf MiniWorld

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The Leaf MiniWorld is the world within a leaf in Paradise Bay. It is home to several creatures, leaf birds, Plant Mites, and a specie of small creatures called Leafy. In it are Chlorophyll Sources that produce lymph. The lymph gives life to the entire MiniWorld and the whole of nature. They are carried by channels which end up in a waterfall towards the Drop MiniWorld.

The Drop MiniWorld

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The Drop MiniWorld is a world within a water droplet also in Paradise Bay. It is interconnected with the Leaf MiniWorld. It is where Fishibbles take residence. Fishibbles are bubble-like, colorful fishes that can merge into one another to form a new colored fishibble. This world is full of colorful bubbles. And the Ascending Bubbles, according to Chloe, the leader of the Leafies, is the safest mean of transportation. Deep within the Drop MiniWorld is where the Water Cradles are found helping the magic seeds grow into Gems of Light. The Gems of Light are pink, sparkling flowers that gives light and life to both the Leaf MiniWorld and the Drop MiniWorld. Uprooting them can harm both MiniWorlds.

The Rainbow MiniWorld

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The Rainbow MiniWorld is a world within the rainbows of Graynor Ruins. There are colorful ribbons in it. Each stripe has its own magic. The heart of the Rainbow MiniWorld is the Seven Color Sphere which is a ball of ribbons. When the sphere makes disharmony when it goes unstable, causing the ribbons to go their own ways. Furries reside in the Rainbow MiniWorld, cat-like creatures with belled hats.

The Sundial MiniWorld

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The Adamantine MiniWorld

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The Alfea MiniWorld

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The Flower MiniWorld

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The Sand MiniWorld

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Season 7

In "Tynix Transformation," the Winx receive the Tynix Bracelets from their bonded Fairy Animals and they transformed into Tynix fairies. Once they are in an unknown MiniWorld dimension, their Fairy Animals tells them that there are dimensions known as the MiniWorlds and the Tynix Bracelets are the keys to enter them.

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Season 7