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Mina is a character that appears only within the Winx Club Comic Series. Her first and only appearance is during the Hallowinx mini-series in Issue 92: The Club of Vampires, where she is a vampire who was initially under Lord Amaranth's hypnosis. For the latter half of the issue, Mina works with Bloom and Stella, as she wishes to defeat Amaranth to set her coven free from his hypnosis.


Mina is a young girl with a fairly average build. She has long and straight dark hair that flows down to her waist, even with two fairly large pigtails that are bound by pink hairbands. Her bangs are long and straight, similar to Musa's, and she has two long strands of hair that flow down to her chest that sometimes hide her ears. She has baby blue eyes, a fairly tanned skin tone and wears pink lipstick with matching pink eyeshadow.

As a working waitress for the Amaranth Café, Mina wears a typical maid uniform: one with a puffy white short-sleeved blouse with frills under a black dress that is bound by a small white apron. The dress itself ends with white frills and she wears a small black bowtie. It is unknown what else she wears as we never get to see her legs in this uniform.

Once she reveals herself to be a vampire, Mina dons a slim black dress with an opening on the right side and a red gem at the center. Her hairbands gain a redder color as she wears a black choker with a small silver bat charm hanging from it. She also wears grey arm-length gloves similar to the ones worn by Enchantix Fairies and small black heels.