Mean Girls Rule is one of several short songs heard throughout the series in the 4Kids dub.



Did she tell ya that you're ugly?
Mean girls gonna make you cry
Take your homework, slam your makeup
Then they're gonna steal your guy

Spread some gossip, seal your locker
Tell you "You're a loser, nerd"
Humiliate, eviscerate, uh
That's why they lead the herd

Mean girls are popular
Mean girls are cool, oh
Mean girls are icy cold
That's why the mean girls rule

Kick your booty
Trash your rep
Mean girls always put you down
Dis your hair
Shame your outfit
Then they run you outta town

Mean girls are popular
Mean girls cool, oh
Mean girls are icy cold
That's why the means girls rule
Mean girls, mean girls


  • This song is the first and to date only 4Kids song to be about the Trix.
  • This song is heard at the end of "Royal Heartbreak" in the 4Kids dub.
    • Unlike the other episodes for which a song is featured in 4Kids' "Crystal Ball Video" segment, this song was played before the ending credits and was not presented being a part of the "Crystal Ball Video" segment.


Mean Girls Rule

Mean Girls Rule

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