Planet Magix in The Second Movie

Map of Magix

The map of Magix from the official site

Magix is a magical planet as well as the name of the major city located on it. Magix is located at the center of the Magic Dimension and is its capital. Magix is the planet where the three principal schools are located.


  • Magix City -
    is a city found in the Magix. It is the capital of the Magic Dimension, along with the planet.
    Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 6.39.46 PM

    Alfea (above), Red Fountain (middle) and Cloud Tower (below)

    Tumblr m99y1ixAGE1qdv8ie
  • Alfea - is the most prestigious school for fairies in the whole Magic Dimension and the only one dedicated to fairy education. It is the rival of Cloud Tower.
  • Red Fountain - is the school for Specialists and Wizards.
  • Cloud Tower - is the school for Witches. It is the rival of Alfea.
  • Lake Roccaluce - is a lake which is located right in the middle of the Magic Dimension’s crater, in front of Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain, not far from Magix City.
  • Gloomy Wood Forest - a forest around Magix where the pixies and the Tree of Life reside.
  • Dark Forest - a forest around Magix.
  • Darkar's Fortress - was an underground fortress found under Magix where Lord Darkar resided.
  • Pixie Village - is the home of the pixies and where the magical trees like the Tree of Life, the Tree of Portals, and the Story Tree are found.
  • Wildlands - is a magic-free area on Magix.
  • Adquistes - is a commercial city near the Resort Realm.
  • Black Mud Swamp - is a swampy area near Lake Roccaluce when going in the direction of Cloud Tower.
  • Barrier Mountains - is a mountain range found around Magix. It is the border between the known regions of and the completely unexplored regions of Magix.
  • Downland - is an underground realm where Princess Amentia lives.


Magix tecno
  • The name "Magix" comes from the word "magic".
  • The name Magix has been used differently through the series:
    • As the name of the City found near Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain.
    • As the Planet where the City of Magix, Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain are found.
    • As the Galaxy where Planet Magix is found.
    • As the name for the whole Magic Dimension.
  • Magix has their own monetary system, different from Earth. It's possible that each realm has their own system, or the monetary system of Magix works through all the Magic Dimension.
  • The three schools of Magix, Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain, might partly be based from the three wizarding schools in Europe, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, from the Harry Potter books. In Harry Potter, the three schools are the largest and most well-known magical schools of Europe, similarly to how Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain are the largest and most well-known magical schools of the Magic Dimension.
    • Durmstrang has a reputation for Dark Magic, similarly to how Cloud Tower has a reputation for dark magic.
    • Beauxbatons is an all-girls school, similar to how Alfea and Cloud Tower are all-girl schools.

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