The Magic Dimension, referred to as the Magic Universe in some episodes, is the universe where most of the adventures of the Winx Club take place. Its capital is Magix.


The Magic Dimension is a dimension located very far from Earth that contains different magical realms and planets where magic is everywhere and it is inhabited by many magical creatures. The Magic Dimension is also called Magix from the name of the realm found at the center of the dimension. Magix is the capital of the Magic Dimension.

The foundations of all the realms of the Magic Dimension are the three pillars found in the Infinite Ocean.

Other Dimensions

There are many other dimensions that are linked to the Magic Dimension but are separate from it. These are:


There are many different realms and planets in the Magic Dimension and according to Aisha the seas of all the realms of the Magic Dimension are magically linked to the endless sea of Andros.

Realms of the Magical Dimension


Main article: Andros

Andros is the home realm of Aisha. Its oceans are connected to other oceans in other worlds through Ocean Gates. It is also home of mermaids and tritons. The gateway to Omega Dimension is also located here.


Main article: Callisto

Callisto is the "fourth world of Magix's highest ring", and the home of Princess Varanda.


Main article: Dolona

Dolona is Eleanor's home realm.


Main article: Domino

Domino is Bloom's and Daphne's birth realm. It is the realm the Great Dragon choose as its last resting place. According to Faragonda, it was most graceful realm before it got attacked by Ancient Witches. The Winx later restored it to its former glory.


Main article: Earth

After the events in Season 4, parts of Earth where fairies and other magical creatures live are now considered as part of the Magic Dimension. Even so, Earth is still in its own dimension.

Tir Nan Og

Main article: Tir Nan Og

Tir Nan Og is the capital of the Earth Fairies and was as well a sovereign kingdom in ancient times. All the Major Fairies and other Fairy Queens, like Diana - Queen of the Amazon Fairies - and Aurora - Queen of the Arctic Fairies, of Earth take orders from the Fairy High Queen of Tir Nan Og, except, till some extent, Sibylla who, as Fairy of Justice, has to remain neutral and treat friends and enemies, and Good and Evil people all as being equal and cannot take sides.


Main article: Eraklyon

Eraklyon is the Sky and Brandon's home realm.


Main article: Hoggar

Hoggar is the planet where the blacksmith Hagen lives.


Main article: Linphea

Linphea is the home realm of Flora, Miele, AlyssaRhodos and Princess Krystal.


Main article: Magix

Magix is the realm found at the center of the Magic Dimension. It is found at the crossroads of all realms. Magix is the capital of the Magic Dimension, along with the city of the same name.


Main article: Melody

Melody is Musa's and Princess Galatea's home realm.


Main article: Ohm

Ohm is an realm of harmony and relaxation.


Main article: Oppositus

Oppositus is realm where all of the opposites exists in complete harmony.


Main article: Romulea

Romulea is a Realm of the Magic Dimension. It was only mentioned once, in "A Disloyal Adversary", though both its king and queen are shown.


Main article: Solaria

Solaria is Stella's home realm.


Main article: Zenith

Zenith is the home realm of Tecna.


Main article: Whisperia

Whisperia is the home planet of the Trix in the 4Kids version.


Main article: Koria

Koria is home of the Malacoy Paladion Academy.


Main article: Orez

Orez is one of the three sacred planets part of a prophecy by Serius Facetus.


Main article: Fallat

Fallat is one of the three sacred planets part of a prophecy by Serius Facetus.


Main article: Rot

Rot is one of the three sacred planets part of a prophecy by Serius Facetus.


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